How to advertise your carpet cleaning business

Advertising your business gives potential customers an idea about what you and your employees are like and how they will be treated when they choose your company as their professional carpet cleaner. Use whatever medium you think is most useful for your business. If you live in a populated area, billboards may be the best way to get your message across, while it might make more sense for businesses in rural areas to utilize newspapers or mailers.

How do you create a favorable image that potential customers will want to buy in to, literally?

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Is Home Advisor worth the effort for my business?

Home Advisor has been the subject of some controversy in the recent past because some contractors have not felt that the site did what it promised. Let’s look at why the controversy has existed and if Home Advisor is indeed a good idea for business owners.

First, let’s look at the negatives that some business owners have pointed out.

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Should I send out mailers for my business?

With email, text and in-store specials reigning in terms of direct customer advertisements, we sometimes overlook tried and true snail mail as a way to get a message to a repeat or potential customer.

However, research shows that mailers really work. One study by the USPS showed that 79% of people at least glance over advertisements sent directly to them. This is in contrast to web banners and emails which most people ignore completely. Effective businesses already know the effectiveness of mailers, spending a collective amount of over 10 billion dollars on direct mail marketing strategies.

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Reasons to start a carpet cleaning business

Carpet cleaning can be a money-making business – if you follow the proper steps. You can’t simply buy a steam vac at your local hardware store and call yourself a professional. However, when you follow the proper channels, you’ll see that there are many benefits to owning your own carpet cleaning business.

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