How to advertise your carpet cleaning business

Advertising your business gives potential customers an idea about what you and your employees are like and how they will be treated when they choose your company as their professional carpet cleaner. Use whatever medium you think is most useful for your business. If you live in a populated area, billboards may be the best way to get your message across, while it might make more sense for businesses in rural areas to utilize newspapers or mailers.

How do you create a favorable image that potential customers will want to buy in to, literally?

First, decide what image you want to project.

  • This will include any print advertisements you purchase. They should be neat and easy to read, with enough information for a person to read without overwhelming them or making the font too small to read easily.
  • All of your paperwork – business cards, pamphlets, work orders and receipts – should be neat and professional looking. If you use photos of yourself or employees on advertisements, be clean and well-groomed to exude professionalism.
  • Your work van(s) should be clean and in good repair at all times. This is especially important if your company logo is painted across the side (professionally and tastefully, of course). You are, after all, a cleaning company. If your work vehicles are not clean, you may lose business.

Next, decide what things you will offer that will set your carpet cleaning business apart.

  • Make a list of all the add-on services your business will provide and educate your employees on how and when to sell each service. This could include protectors, deodorizers, or upholstery cleaning. Specialized services may give your company an edge over the competition.
  • If you can afford to offer “freebies,” do so! Customers love the feeling of getting “something for nothing.” Offer a free room cleaning with the purchase of two, or free stairs cleaning in two-story homes. Everyone loves a good deal, and customers are more likely to choose your business when they feel like they are getting something for free.

Another great tip is whenever you can, disguise advertising as “customer education.” If you can make your business’s advertisement seem like it is more for the good of the customer, you will promote good will with your potential clients.

Also, offer the customers ease of accessibility. When people can get in touch with you easily, they are more likely to follow up with an actual purchase of services.

  • Having an “800” number can make your business seem more professional. Make sure it’s printed on your cards, advertisements and pamphlets or flyers. Additionally, always have a person on the other end of that phone call rather than an impersonal answering machine. A warm voice on the other end of the line will encourage the client to book services with your company.

Accept major credit cards and offer payment plans for larger jobs. Also, provide the opportunity for contract services to let your clients know you’ll be around to take care of their carpets for a long time.