Reasons to start a carpet cleaning business

Carpet cleaning can be a money-making business – if you follow the proper steps. You can’t simply buy a steam vac at your local hardware store and call yourself a professional. However, when you follow the proper channels, you’ll see that there are many benefits to owning your own carpet cleaning business.

Benefit #1: Every single surface you walk on needs cleaning, so everyone is a potential client. Imagine the possibilities! Additionally, about half of the homes and businesses you come into contact with don’t have carpet cleaning done on a regular basis. Simply talking with them convince them to sign a contract with you. Instant customer loyalty! You could specialize only in carpet cleaning for businesses and industries, or you could focus on residential carpet cleaning as your specialty. You could offer carpet cleaning with tile and grout steam cleaning or upholstery cleaning add-ons and income generating possibilities.

Reason #2: Remember what we said about not buying a commercial product and saying you’re a professional? Well, too many companies do that these days. It’s becoming increasingly harder to find carpet cleaners who are professionally trained and certified – only about 1 in every 10 are! Taking the time to get certified and licensed can give you a major advantage when advertising. It also gives you a professional edge when talking to current and potential clients. The more training you can prove that you and your employees have had, the more likely customers are to believe what you have to say.

Reason #3: You’ll be able to join a professional organization in your state with other carpet cleaning professionals who can give you support, advice and tips that will make running your business easier. Many of the members of these associations have been cleaning carpets for decades, and they have lots of advice that they are more than willing to pass on to listening ears. Almost every state has a professional organization for licensed carpet cleaners.

Reason #4: You’ll know a lot about something that very few people know about. Most people aren’t educated about carpet cleaning techniques, products and prices. Why would they be? As a trusted professional, you will be able to provide a valuable service – and much-needed information – to the masses. When business managers or home owners speak with you, they will feel confident that they are getting the very best expertise that their money can buy. You will create loyal customers by knowing a lot about your business.

Reason #5: Most locally-owned carpet cleaners don’t advertise much. Just a little bit of effort and money on your part could generate major income for your carpet cleaning business. If you are willing to put yourself and your company out there, there’s lots of money to be made from new customers who have never had their carpets professionally cleaned. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, but if you can, for example, offer same-day estimates or a free room cleaned with the purchase of three, customers will see your business as a true value when you advertise.